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Pre-Order Amendments- Thursday, February 27, 2014

Removal of Pre-Orders

In light of the recent high profile implosion of a competitor of ours amonsgt other reasons we have decided to no longer offer pre-orders to our customers.

We will continue to honour all existing pre-orders and will operate as usual with existing pre-orders and part shipped orders however as standard we will not be taking any further orders for stock we do not have in hand.

New items will be added to our site along with their expected release dates, however no payment will be expected and no option to be purchase these items will be available. Instead i would ask you to use the "Notify Me When Available" button.

If you would like the ability to pay up front and guarantee a day 1 release of a figure / pop vinyl etc please do let us know and we can arrange that.

Please be assured we are not in any way in a similar position to the compatitor that has recently entered administration, we as a company owe no money to creditors, have no debt of any kind and no outstanding payments due to any company.

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