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Our Top 10 Funko Pop Pre-Order Picks - Part 1- Tuesday, March 26, 2013

So Funko have announced millions of new pop vinyl action figures for the next year, for so many themes its taken us ages to add them all to the site. Now we have and the dust it settling we can have a look and see which ones we think are going to sell really well over the next few months. Funko really have hit the nail on the head with some of these licences unexpected but yet they make perfect sense.

10. Ace Ventura

We love Ace Ventura films they are hilarious, a great mix of craziness and goofy behaviour from Jim Carey, Funko seem to have carried over Jim Careys poise and personality in this cool Funko Pop Vinyl figure with a cool looking Ace Ventura figure holding out his Ace Ventura business Card.

Expected Release Date is June 2013

9. Robocop

Why wouldn't this be popular is the question you should ask? RoboCop is cool as hell, the new film is coming out soonish and hey he just looks fantastic. Complete with his big gun and looking as cool as does in the RoboCop films this Funko Pop Vinyl Figure of RoboCop will fly off the shelves.

Expected Release Date is June 2013

8. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Originally scheduled for a February release and now re-scheduled for a July release these Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pop Vinyl figures from Funko have already proven to be popular.

A morphed Ranger generally possesses superhuman strength, durability, and hand-to-hand combat ability. Un-morphed Rangers may possess other innate abilities, such as telekinesis, super speed, or invisibility that are usually not directly related to his or her Ranger powers. Funko are releasing the Pink, Red and White Ranger.

Expected Release Date is July 2013

7. Scarface

Say hello to my little friend!!!!. Tony Montana as you have never seen him before in this Funko Pop Vinyl Figure.

No idea this one was coming and im hoping they will release a few more variants, especially Tony in his white suit, and another one of him in his flowery shirt.

Expected Release Date is November 2013

6. Alien Vs Predator

Everybody loves the alien series of Films, everybody loves the original Predator move with Arnie, some even like the second Predator film with Danny Glover. Some like the Alien Vs Predator moves even more. Check out these Funko Pop Vinyl Figures of the Alien and the Predator out of these films.

Expected Release Date is June 2013

5. Beavis and Butt-Head

Huh Huh Huh, Err Butt-Head these Pop Vinyl Figures from Funko don't Suck. Yeah they Kick Ass.

One of the original hit cartoons from MTV's old days Beavis and Butt-Head are still loved today by those that remember them. Funko have done well so far with these characters as talking Bobble Heads and we expect them do we well as cute little Pop Vinyl figures too.

Expected Release Date is November 2013

Thats our rundown of the first 5 of our expected top selling new Funko Pop Vinyl figures, Part 2 coming soon.

Don't forget these are available on pre-order value bundle pricing meaning you will get the best price in the UK for these pop vinyls and going on our excellent past history will get these 1-2 months before everybody else in the UK.

if you have any comments or anything to add to the discussion please comment away.

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New Arrivals 25/03/2013- Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hi All

Just a quick update on new arrivals for this week, obviously you all know we have updated our site, adding loads of new bobble heads, custom bobble heads, Funko pop vinyls and more. We will be adding a lot more over the next few weeks and working on the performance of the new site to make it quicker and more response. In the meantime we have taken to the time to let you know whats arriving later this week / early next week. 

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Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

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