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NECA Action Figures, Bobble Heads and Plushes

Bobble Heads UK stock NECA Action Figures, Bobble Heads, Prop Replicas and more.

Neca have a great reputation for quality which is why they are one of the worlds premier brand of quality tv, film and game merchandise.

Including many popular franchises such as Harry Potter, Scream4, Gears Of War, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Nightmare Before Christmas are just some of their premier brands, all producing many action figures, models, statues, bobble heads, and soft toys.


Picture of Avengers Movie Captain America Bobble Head
Enter, the most patriotic patriot that Americans have ever witnessed: Captain America.


Picture of Avengers Movie Iron Man Bobble Head
Tony Stark is one of the richest dudes on the entire planet. it's a surprise that he wasn't able to stop this 7 1/2-inch tall Avengers Iron Man Head Knocker Bobble Head from seeing production.


Picture of DC Originals Batman Bobble Head
This DC Originals line presents your favorite heroes like you've never seen them before.


Picture of BioShock 2 Big Daddy Bouncer Plush Doll
Belonging to the first ever Little Sister seen in Rapture, this Big Daddy Toy Prop Replica is one of the iconic images of Bioshock 2.


Picture of BioShock Subject Delta Plush
Bring home Subject Delta, or "Johnny Topside"! Based on the smash hit video game BioShock 2! Another Big Daddy…in plush form!

Picture of Gremlins Stripe Head Knocker / Bobble Head
NECA brings you Stripe from the hit movie Gremlins as a Head Knocker / Bobblehead


Picture of Gremlins Gizmo Head Knocker
NECA brings you the amazing Gizmo from the hit movie Gremlins as a delightful "Head Knocker" (bobble head).


Picture of Harry Potter Bobble Head
Availability : Pre-Order
Cast a spell on your desk or shelf with this Harry Potter Head Knocker!


Picture of Harry Potter Hermione Granger Bobble Head
Availability : Pre-Order
Cast a spell on your desk or shelf with this Harry Potter Hermione Granger Head Knocker! Featuring Hermione in her Hogwarts uniform with wand at her side.


Picture of Scream 4 Ghost Face Bobble Head
Do you like scary movies? Now you can bring home the legendary masked murderer with this Scream 4 Ghost Face Bobble Head!