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Bif Bang Pow!

Big Bang Pow! products within the UK and Europe

Buy Bif Bang Pow! bobble heads from the Bobble head specialists within the UK, stocking all the latest Big Bang Pow! bobble head merchandise and offering free delivery on all orders within the UK too.

Picture of Dexter Bobblehead
Availability : Pre-Order
Yes, I wanna play. I really, really do." From the hit FX channel television series, this is the very 1st item based on the star of the show!.

Picture of Dexter - Sergeant Doakes Bobblehead
Availability : Pre-Order
The tough-as-nails homicide detective is uncannily captured as this 7-inch tall, resin bobble head with gun belt and badge,


Picture of Dexter (Kill Outfit) Bobblehead
That's one killer outfit, Dexter. From FX's hit television series, this spectacular item spotlights the star of the show!.

Picture of Lost Daniel Faraday Bobble Head
Availability : On Request
Every Lost fan's favorite genius is here in this 7-inch tall resin bobble head inspired by the much-admired TV series.


Picture of Lost Dr. Edgar Halliwax Bobble Head
Availability : On Request
From the immensely popular TV series Lost, he's the mysterious scientist in the Dharma Initiative orientation films.


Picture of Lost Claire Littleton Bobble Head
Availability : On Request
A San Diego Comic-Con International Exclusive! Is that sweet, innocent Claire? And what's that thing in her hands? Well, she's not sweet and innocent anymore!


Picture of Twilight Zone TALKY TINA Bobblehead - SDCC 2010 Exclusive
Long before Chucky, there was Talky Tina, star of one of the most spine-chilling episodes of The Twilight Zone ever aired.


Picture of Dexter - Angel Batista Bobble Head
Availability : On Request
From Showtime's hyper-popular Dexter TV series, comes Angel Batista… as a 7-inch tall, resin bobble head!


Picture of Dexter - Debra Morgan Bobble Head
Well, if it isn't Dexter's little sister! From Showtime's Dexter TV series, comes Debra Morgan… as a 7-inch tall, resin bobble head.


Picture of Lost Jacob and Man in Black Action Figures
Availability : On Request
This remarkable Lost Jacob and Man in Black 8-Inch Action Figure set brings you retro versions of the mysterious Jacob and his equally enigmatic nemesis, the Man in Black.


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