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Acme Archives

ACME Archives Fine Digital Prints

Acme Archives is the officially licensed fine art publisher for Twentieth Century Fox, Cartoon Network, Lucasfilm, and Paramount Pictures. Their products feature artwork from a range of properties such as Star Wars, Family Guy, Halo, and Adult Swim. These amazing items offer a classy, aesthetic way to display your love for these movies, TV shows, games, etc. and their unforgettable moments and characters!

Picture of Star Wars The Fallen Paper Giclee Print Signed By David Prowse
Darth Vader doesn't have time to take prisoners in his pursuit of Princess Leia in this dramatic scene inspired by the original Star Wars film. This Signed striking giclée on is limited to just 150 hand-numbered pieces and includes a certificate of authenticity.


Picture of Star Wars Defend and Protect Limited Edition Giclee Print
Availability 2-3 Weeks
The Rebel Alliance is looking for a few good X-wing pilots! Think you qualify? An extremely limited edition inspired by Star Wars


Picture of Star Wars Darth Vader Confinement Paper Giclee Print
Sitting inside his meditation chamber, Darth Vader places his breathing mask at his feet while he harnesses the power of the Force for his own evil bidding.


Picture of Family Guy Peter vs. Chicken II Small Giclee Print
Availability 2-3 Weeks
Using images from "No Chris Left Behind", this incredible Family Guy piece emulates a comic book splash page featuring the highlights of the epic fight between Peter and the Giant Chicken.


Picture of Alice in Wonderland Game of War Paper Giclee Print
It's a game of war! From Disney's live-action Alice in Wonderland film, The Mad Hatter (actor Johnny Depp) is featured on the battlefield in this extraordinary print


Picture of Avatar Jake and Neytiri Paper Giclee Print
Availability : 2-3 Weeks
"We call this utraya mokri-- The Tree of Voices. The voices of our ancestors, who live within Eywa." Based on the blockbuster movie Avatar, Jake and Neytiri bond as mates under the bioluminescence of The Tree of Voices


Picture of TRON ENCOM Grand Prix Paper Giclee Print
Availability : 2-3 Weeks
Do you have what it takes for "action that's off the grid"?This TRON ENCOM Grand Prix Paper Giclee Print from artist Steve Thomas is based on the original 1982 TRON film


Picture of Star Wars Arena Standoff Canvas Giclee Print
Availability : 2-3 Weeks
Your move! "Arena Standoff" is striking concept art for Attack of the Clones, created by Ryan Church, Concept Design Supervisor on Episodes II and III.


Picture of The Twilight Zone 8-Inch Action Figures Series 6
Fully articulated, 8-inch tall Clown and Nurse Action Figures, Based on Rod Serling's enduring The Twilight Zone TV series.


Picture of Uglydoll Ox Pop! Vinyl Figure
Ox, the cuddly Uglydoll you've grown to love over the years is available in a stylized vinyl figure format!