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Doctor Who Bobble Heads

Bif Bang Pow! have announced that they have secured a partnership with BBC Worldwide to provide a brand new line of toys and collectibles based on the popular Doctor Who TV series.

All eras have been licensed so we can expect doctor who bobbleheads and action figures starting from the shows 1st shows in 1963.
The doctor who lines will feature an array of articulated retro action figures and playsets, along with bobble heads with the first arrivals planned for summer 2011, and various fan-demanded Doctor Who themed collectibles such as license plate frames, journals, tin boxes, coasters, magnets, and glassware will be following aswell.
"Bif Bang Pow! is thrilled to bring these brand-new Doctor Who action figures, bobble heads, and collectibles to market," said Jason Lenzi, CEO of Bif Bang Pow! "The Denys Fisher range of 9-inch action figures from the 1970s was never released in the United States, and has become one of the most highly sought after toy lines of the past 40 years. Doctor Who bobble heads have never been made for any market, so we have the opportunity to offer these highly desired products to a whole new fan-base that never had the chance to purchase them before. Personally, I've been waiting for this since 1978, so as The Doctor would say, it's about time!".
Picture of Doctor Who TARDIS Bobble with Sound
Availability : Pre-Order
Exclusive TARDIS Bobble Head bobbles and includes sound! Features a remarkable Doctor Who-themed base. You gotta get one of these!


Picture of Doctor Who Tom Baker Bobble Head
Availability : Pre-Order
This first-ever Doctor Who bobble head spotlights Fourth Doctor Tom Baker as a 7-inch tall resin bobble head that's sure to delight that Doctor Who fanatic in your life


Picture of Doctor Who K-9 Bobble Head
Availability : Pre-Order
This first-ever Doctor Who bobble head spotlights K-9, the well-liked robotic canine from the long-running British sci-fi TV series.


Picture of Doctor Who TARDIS Monitor Mate Bobble Head
It's pretty tough to top having a TARDIS sitting there on your monitor each time you sit down at the computer.


Picture of Doctor Who Davros Bobble Head
Availability : Pre-Order
Davros, Doctor Who's archenemy and creator of the Daleks, deserves his own bobble head if any villain does.


Picture of Doctor Who 50th Anniversary TARDIS Bobble Head w/Sound
Availability : Pre-Order
Travel in style with the Eleventh Doctor! With this extraordinary silver-colored 50th Anniversary TARDIS Bobble Head, the entire TARDIS bobbles... and it includes the signature materialize and dematerialize sounds!