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Plush & Plushies

From Cthulhu to Swearbears, plush toys or plushies aren't only for kids anymore! In addition to cuddly bears and adorable animals, monsters from Godzilla join legendary Dragons as some of the most unique plush toys ever. It's a great way to hug your favorite characters outside a major theme park!.

The popularity of these plushes / plushies is growing quickly with some cool plush toys being released recently including bioshock big daddy, Delta dolls and the recently released Alice In Wonderland plush toys.

Picture of Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Link Plush
Availability : Pre-Order
Only one person can save Princess Zelda from Ganon, and now he's more huggable than ever!


Picture of Beavis and Butt-Head Butt-Head Plush
Availability : Pre-Order
Huh-huh, this Butt-Head plush rules! The goofy looking hellraiser from MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head stands at a cuddly 7-inches tall


Picture of Mars Attacks! Martian Plush
Availability : Pre-Order
This Mars Attacks! Martian Plush is a can't miss collectible perfect for any and every science fiction fan!


Picture of Aliens Facehugger Poseable Plush
Availabilty : Pre-Order
Don't you wish there was someone-- or something-- at home that loved you unconditionally? The Alien Facehugger Plush can do just that!


Picture of Plush Zombie Slippers
Availability : Pre-Order
we thought it would be awesome to slip our feet into some Plush Zombie Slippers in the morning. If we're going to feel like zombies, we might as well dress the part, right?


Picture of Captain Caveman Deluxe 10-Inch Plush
Availability : Pre-Order
This sweet Captain Caveman Deluxe 10-Inch Plush features the heroic main character of Hanna-Barbera's popular cartoon television show


Picture of Edward Scissorhands Pop! Plush
Availability : Pre-Order
Directly out of Tim Burton's quirky gothic Edward Scissorhands film, this Edward Scissorhands Pop! Plush features the pale protagonist wearing his signature black bodysuit


Picture of BioShock 2 Big Daddy Bouncer Plush Doll
Belonging to the first ever Little Sister seen in Rapture, this Big Daddy Toy Prop Replica is one of the iconic images of Bioshock 2.