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Toy Story Key Chains

We stock all the new Toy Story Key chains including the latest edtiion of the cool Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear Key chain.

Toy Story is a 1995 computer-generated imagery (CGI) animation film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures and Buena Vista Distribution. Toy Story was the 1st completely computer-animated feature in history and Pixar's first feature to be released in cinemas.

The primary characters are toys in the room of the 6-year-old boy Andy, and the story is mostly told from their point of view. Andy, his baby sister Molly, and mother have smaller roles, as do the neighbor boy Sid, his dog Scud, and sister Hannah.

This article uses material from the Wikipedia article "Toy Story" and is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Picture of Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear Figure Key Chain
Now you can let a Space Ranger guard your keys, with this Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear Figure Key Chain!