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Other Bobble Heads

All the bobble heads which don't have a category on BobbleHeadsUK because there isnt enough of them to justify a whole category for themselves, this section includes many random bobble heads including Beavis & ButtHead, Freddy Krueger, Sonic, and many more random bobble heads.

Picture of The Fly Bobble Head / Head Knocker
The Fly Bobble Head. Based on the 1958 science fiction classic The Fly, this bobble head / Head knocker is something to buzz about!


Picture of Mars Attacks! Martian Bobble Head
Availability : Pre-Order
From Tim Burton's 1996 movie, Mars Attacks! comes this Martian bobble head! This brainiac Martian is out to conquer us puny little Earthlings!


Picture of Charlie Sheen Talking Wacky Wobbler Bobble Head
Availability : On RequestNavy SEALS! Major League! The Three Musketeers! Scary Movie! If fame has a name, it has to rhyme with Charlie Sheen.


Picture of Lost in Space Talking B-9 Bobble Head
Availability : Pre-Order
Danger, Danger, Will Robinson! From the classic Irwin Allen science fiction television series, Lost in Space comes the iconic Class M-3 Model B-9 Robot talking bobble head!


Picture of NECA E.T Extreme Headknocker
NECA return with the new E.T head knocker can you give this alien a good home.


Availabiluty : Pre-Order
For the first time ever, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood's Ezio can be yours - in bobblehead form!


Picture of Winnie the Pooh Tigger & Pooh Mini Pop! Vinyl Figure 2-Pack
There have been more than a few truly great pairs in the history of Disney animation but few greater than Winnie the Pooh and his overly confident pal Tigger


Picture of Snow White and Grumpy Mini Pop! Vinyl Figure 2-Pack
Who better to pair Snow White with than her helpful dwarf pal Grumpy with this Disney Snow White and Grumpy Mini Pop! Vinyl Figure 2-Pack?


Picture of Mickey and Minnie Mouse Mini Pop! Vinyl Figure 2-Pack
No Disney fan should be without this irresistibly cute and nicely designed Mickey and Minnie Mouse Mini Pop! Vinyl Figure 2-Pack!


Picture of DC Comics Mini Bobble Head 4-Pack
Your favorite DC Comics characters and now available in a mini bobble head form!


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