Scream Products hitting the shelf

Scream 4 products hitting the shelf soon

Major player in the Action Figure and licensed products market NECA are releasing products the soon to be released Scream 4 movie, These products to to the best of our knowledge include 2 Scream Action Figures and 1 Scream Head Knocker.

Both based on the Ghostface characters made famous in the 1st Scream movie. The very distinctive outfit involving a black cloak and distorted white facial mask of the ghostface killer is perfect for these products and we really do approve, the ghostface killer bobble head looks fantastic and I can confirm we have these in stock at the moment and they are selling well. The Scream action figures are coming in a few weeks and again selling well. Please be aware we only have very limited numbers of the Zombie face Ghostface killer action figures.

So get yours ordered before the film comes out and love them. 

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