Doctor Who Action Figures 1st Look

Doctor Who Action Figures 1st Look

Bif Bang Pow have sent out screenshots of their brand new Doctor Who Action Figures via their blog.

The collection so far includes 4 characters which are Master, CyberLeader, Sontoran Major Steyre, Tom Baker (4th Doctor)

They have created them in the 70's mego style which they love at Big Bang Pow and I for one think they look great, however the Mego Style has its haters and it would have been nice to have some non mego style figures aswell

Particularly cool in our eyes are the Cyberman and Tom Baker models which look to be high quality and very impressive, the others we're not so keen on here at Bobble Heads UK

We have added these to our site but are not taking any orders until it gets a bit further along the process of release and we know how much they will RRP at etc

We are guessing as per the other figures that Bif Bang Pow have released that these will retail for around £30-35 per set of 2 figures which will include 1 popular and 1 not as popular figures and not available very often as a single figure.

Anyway take a look at the image and see what you think.

Doctor Who Action FIgures = Bif Bang Pow!

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