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About Bobble Heads UK

Bobble Heads UK are a small independant family run business based in Manchester, UK. We now sell the UK's biggest selection of new to market bobble heads, Action Figures and Plush Dolls .

With a unique product list not available anywhere else in the UK or Europe we provide the UK and Europe with these products which are not readily available in Europe without the complication of Import Taxes and sky high delivery charges.

Since our inception we have gone from only 5 product lines to well over 300 now including products from Lost, Dexter, Captain America, Wizard Of Oz, Alice In Wonderland, Cthulhu, UFC, Thundercats and so many more.

We provide products from the largest brands including NECA, FunKo, Bif Bang Pow, Gentle Giant, Jakks Pacific, Round 5 and many more.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and the quality of the products we stock.

If you want more information or just want to chat with us you can contact us via the contact us page on our Contact Us page or subscribe to our blog, or even find us on Facebook and twitter.